Saturday 5 January 2013

Stark Naked


Undressing top to bottom
Leaving nothing on.
Nothing  -
  Nothing -
     Nothing -
Nothing to hang on to. 
Nothing -
   Nothing -
      Nothing - 
Nothing that once was.

We stand together naked -
Unhinging all the bolts -
Unwrapping all the lies -
Discarding  all the notes.
'Unpretending' Life -
Going for a ride -
Taking a deep dive -
Deep down
Deep down inside -
Way down,
Way down
Past doubts.
Deep down,
Way down
To nothing -

Has a flavour -
Sometimes sweet -
Then sometimes sour.
Our taste buds 
Fight the journey -
Resisting the unknown -
We Remember the familiar -
We Embrace what once was 'norm' -
We Discard the useless flavours -
Then chew on 'Hearbreak' dramas.
We Inhale Lifefore energy - 
And exhale all of our pain -
We move towards the 'Start Point' -
Releasing what was gained -
Confusing sweet for sour -
          We begin it all

Has no doorways -
All openings closed shut.
Facing our 'reflections'
Is a priority -
A 'Must'.
We see ourselves in others -
Their pain is really 'ours'-
The sooner we forgive this -
The sooner we reveal
What the' lies'-
Are all about.

Undressing top to bottom -
Leaving nothing on.
Nothing to hang on to -
Nothing that stays on -
Nothing to remember -
Nothing sweet or sour -
Nothing  -
But the Heartbeat,
And the Breath,
And all the Love.
Nothing  -
But the Magic,
From the Light,
From way above,
And deep inside.
Deep down,
Way down,
Where nothing -
And everything -
          Are really only

                               In Heart,