Monday 18 February 2013


The Journey

The 'Thought' crept in quietly
From the distant part of her mind.
Enough -
Time to leave.
And so - like many other feelings
Of wanting change -
And adding deeper meaning to her life -
She finally made the decision -
Once again.

Now -
Months later -
The decision was set in reality.
This was it - at least for now.
What was interesting - 
Was just how clearly she could see
The distractions,
That before
Had not been as easily noticed -
Because before, she had become caught
In the seduction of its web -
And all its insistent rightousness.

Distractions are apart
Of living life.
It is the juice that keeps us
'Off track'.
We allow ourselves to be continually fed
The tantalizing juice of
What's better -
What's not.
What's proper -
What's not.
What's right -
What's wrong.
Who's responsible -
Who's not.
Who's to blame -
And why.

But mostly -
We are smothered with
Of the' Art of Feeling Guilty'
For all the things our 'Hearts'
Most truly want to feel.

And so the Journey -
The one she knew she had to go on -
Became a most important
Piece of the multi-faceted puzzle -
Of life and all its idiosyncracies.

The spontaneity of Life and Love
Trickle from within continuously.
If we allow it.
It is 'Who' we really are.
The breath of pure life
Echos from time frames far away -
And whispers.....
"Come Back to 'Now."

She was beginning to 'Begin'-
A place she most loved to be in.
And at the same time  -
She questioned where all her previous Journeys
Had led her.
A 'key' piece to the puzzle
Was beginning to reveal itself -
And she nestled back to her seat.

The 'Thought' crept in quietly -
From the distant part of her mind.
This time -
This time  -
This time  -
Could be quite different.

                  In Gratitude.......