Monday 15 April 2013


      .....SACRED BEAST"

The experience of this journey - 
Being able to sit still 
Watching -
Witnessing -
Breathing -
Without making it all so tangible -
Without tripping over the barbwire -
Without noticing that somewhere -
In the distance 
The beaming light that once shown brightly
Was now only just a flicker....

This was the challenging part.......

She was in the perfect place
To give herself permission
For this deepening to unfold.
She had prepared for this -
She had welcomed this part
Of her soul's expression
To spiral

Grasping -
At the pieces of her life -
As her mind played it out -
She allowed herself
To feel what surfaced -
To 'Really' feel what surfaced -

This was the scary part.

She noticed in the unraveling
That there were segments
Of this spiraling -
That had somewhere in the past
Been decided upon - by her -
To be 'Deliberately'
Left out.
Places in her memory
That were forbidden
To stay fully
Why was this?
What was there?
That was 'Not' to be felt?
And why was there
So much resistance and guilt?

There was something
She was afraid of
A Powerful nature -
An Enignatic nature -
A Beastly nature -
A wild and expansive part of herself
That was so, so misunderstood.
One that would rip
Into shreds -
All limitations imposed upon itself.

Yes -
It was there -
Afraid to come out
And make itself known.
Afraid to come out
And declare it 'Presence'.
Afraid to come out
And claim its destined place
Within the unraveling
And 'Unification' -
Of all the frenzied faces
Of her souls experience...
It so desired to 'Imprint'
Its mark  -
On this journeys path.
To be 'Included' in the embracing
Of 'Total Heart'.  
It so craved
To be 'Witnessed' -
To be 'Loved'.

This was the missing part.

Was the world ready
To receive such energy
Without Fear?
Was the world ready
To receive such energy
Without Judgment?
Was the world ready
To create Safe Space
For this energy
To allow itself
To be clearly defined
In the 'Birthing
Of its Fury -
        Its Truth -
           Its Purity -
From the depths of its bowels 
Within its Wild and Beastly nature?

She wasn't sure.
But she did know
That it was totally up to her
To create Sacred Space for this unfolding.....
It began with her -
And intertwined within her
For the foundation to be laid.
She somehow had to wrap herself
Around the knowing that
This' NOW' moment
Was a trusting space
For all of this to take place.
And that in this allowance
For the 'Beast' to appear -
She would' Feel' its Sacredness

For in this exquisite moment  -
The gully
        Of Disconnectedness -
          Would  - without question 
               Implode and Transcend -
                  Becoming the bridge
                        Of Connectedness.

And the 'Beast'
In its Rawness -
In Primal scream ..
Would once again......
Walk 'Sacred Space'......
Guided by the 'Hand of Spirit'..
And radiate 'Total Heart'....
Giving way to the 'Love'..
It had forgotten for itself
Long Ago....

                        In Primal Heart........





Tuesday 5 March 2013



Her feet touched
The floor
With ease -
ESCAPING all her pain.
Transcending Heartbeat to Heartbeat -
She managed to sustain
One' Pure Exquisite Moment' -
And then 
Quite suddenly -
It happened -
The Fall -

Face forward -
Hard and fast -
She shattered the once 'Pure Moment'
With a thundering sound
Of wildness and fury -
Unleashed -
From a thousand memories -
Of lives she endured -
Riddled with anxieties
And sorrow.

From whence did this come from?
And how - please how
Would she contain
Such Wild Abandonment?

No longer  -
Did her feet
Linger' Lightly' on the floor -
No longer  -
Did her Heart
Beat as' Lightly' as before -
No longer  -
Did the once
'Pure Moment' -
Engage itself
As 'Lightly' anymore.

Her Breath -
Her Heart -
The resistance to
Her part
Of the Story
She created -
Had become the Call-

And now the floor
Was open -
For Her to unravel
The mystery of this Fall -
Ing -
Of her Soul -
To the depths
Of the deepest -
Deepest part
Inside her.

Her feet began to move.
Quite slowly at first.
Each step could be
The Beginning of the End -
(So her memory
Kept reminding her.)

And yet there seemed to be
No choice -
Around this feeling
Thrusting forward.
No formula to follow -
No steps already taken -
No backward movement -
Available for her
To return to.

Heart in Hand  -
She asked Her 'Divine'
To shine
Its Brightest Light.

Heart in Hand -
She asked Her 'Divine"
To Hold
Her other Hand -
And Guide Her way.
She closed her eyes
And took one...

Her feet' Graced' the floor with ease
EMBRACING all her pain -
Transcending Heartbeat to Heartbeat -
She managed to again - sustain
One" Pure Exquisite Moment'
And then
Quite suddenly -
It happened -
The Call -


In such Humble Gratitude......


Monday 18 February 2013


The Journey

The 'Thought' crept in quietly
From the distant part of her mind.
Enough -
Time to leave.
And so - like many other feelings
Of wanting change -
And adding deeper meaning to her life -
She finally made the decision -
Once again.

Now -
Months later -
The decision was set in reality.
This was it - at least for now.
What was interesting - 
Was just how clearly she could see
The distractions,
That before
Had not been as easily noticed -
Because before, she had become caught
In the seduction of its web -
And all its insistent rightousness.

Distractions are apart
Of living life.
It is the juice that keeps us
'Off track'.
We allow ourselves to be continually fed
The tantalizing juice of
What's better -
What's not.
What's proper -
What's not.
What's right -
What's wrong.
Who's responsible -
Who's not.
Who's to blame -
And why.

But mostly -
We are smothered with
Of the' Art of Feeling Guilty'
For all the things our 'Hearts'
Most truly want to feel.

And so the Journey -
The one she knew she had to go on -
Became a most important
Piece of the multi-faceted puzzle -
Of life and all its idiosyncracies.

The spontaneity of Life and Love
Trickle from within continuously.
If we allow it.
It is 'Who' we really are.
The breath of pure life
Echos from time frames far away -
And whispers.....
"Come Back to 'Now."

She was beginning to 'Begin'-
A place she most loved to be in.
And at the same time  -
She questioned where all her previous Journeys
Had led her.
A 'key' piece to the puzzle
Was beginning to reveal itself -
And she nestled back to her seat.

The 'Thought' crept in quietly -
From the distant part of her mind.
This time -
This time  -
This time  -
Could be quite different.

                  In Gratitude.......


Saturday 5 January 2013

Stark Naked


Undressing top to bottom
Leaving nothing on.
Nothing  -
  Nothing -
     Nothing -
Nothing to hang on to. 
Nothing -
   Nothing -
      Nothing - 
Nothing that once was.

We stand together naked -
Unhinging all the bolts -
Unwrapping all the lies -
Discarding  all the notes.
'Unpretending' Life -
Going for a ride -
Taking a deep dive -
Deep down
Deep down inside -
Way down,
Way down
Past doubts.
Deep down,
Way down
To nothing -

Has a flavour -
Sometimes sweet -
Then sometimes sour.
Our taste buds 
Fight the journey -
Resisting the unknown -
We Remember the familiar -
We Embrace what once was 'norm' -
We Discard the useless flavours -
Then chew on 'Hearbreak' dramas.
We Inhale Lifefore energy - 
And exhale all of our pain -
We move towards the 'Start Point' -
Releasing what was gained -
Confusing sweet for sour -
          We begin it all

Has no doorways -
All openings closed shut.
Facing our 'reflections'
Is a priority -
A 'Must'.
We see ourselves in others -
Their pain is really 'ours'-
The sooner we forgive this -
The sooner we reveal
What the' lies'-
Are all about.

Undressing top to bottom -
Leaving nothing on.
Nothing to hang on to -
Nothing that stays on -
Nothing to remember -
Nothing sweet or sour -
Nothing  -
But the Heartbeat,
And the Breath,
And all the Love.
Nothing  -
But the Magic,
From the Light,
From way above,
And deep inside.
Deep down,
Way down,
Where nothing -
And everything -
          Are really only

                               In Heart,






Saturday 29 December 2012

The Pearl

The painful side of life -
Can receive
A lot of attention.

Warned -
Not to touch the fire -
Does not necessarily mean
One does not touch it.
The under belly of our souls
Can scrape very close 
To rasors' edge -
On a downward fall of
Everyday life -
Everyday routine -
Everyday habits.

The 'Pearl'
Inside the oyster,
Hides itself
Within the membranes
Of it's kind.
Protected by hard shell -
Clammed shut  -
Ocean deep.

The 'Pearl'
Within ourselves,
Sits stirring
Unraveling -
Inside the framework
Of lessons learned
Or not -
And holds the promise
Of' 'Becoming' -
From pain -
It thinks
As real.

We seem to keep giving
Back to life -
The very thing
We wish to release.
Our patterns of self destruction 
Are circular -
And spin faster and faster.

At some point
The oyster cracks open
And reveals its 'Pearl'.
At some point
We too  -
Must crack open
And reveal our 'Pearl'.
Our Soul
Demands this.

The painful side of life
Can receive
A lot of attention.
The painful side of life
Is really -
Not " REAL."

                    In Heart ........

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Friday 28 December 2012

The Week After

I have been wondering -
As I sit here with my early morning Earl Grey tea  -
What -
Pray tell -
Is this all about?
It is December 28th, 20l2 -
Just one week after the welcomed / dreaded Winter Solstice
That we were told would change the world, mankind, life,
And anything else that has been our reality
Up to now.
This event has literally
Come and gone.

On a very deep level -
I have been preparing myself for this day
Event /Death / Re-birth -
For an extremely long time.
And now -
Just like that -
It has gone.

Gone where?
I ask this question
As I sip more tea,
And ponder my life and my place here.

I know in the deepest
Resides of my soul -
How this all works.
Life, Death, Rebirth -
My Lessons -
This school called 'Earth'.

But now what??
There seems to be this void -
'Black Hole'......
From whence I stir in
Mixed up with past memories  -
Of life.....
As I have known it.

In this moment -
On some level -
I am feeling deeply deceived
By the process
Of  'Becoming' -
And ashamed
For feeling this way.
Because I know -
Somewhere inside me
That this feeling also -
Is apart of the 'process'.

Where do I go from here?
This day - and the next?
A familiar 'ground hog day' scenerio.
I ponder once again -
Look out the window -
And sip more tea.
Maybe its time
For coffee......

In Reflective Heart,

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