Friday 28 December 2012

The Week After

I have been wondering -
As I sit here with my early morning Earl Grey tea  -
What -
Pray tell -
Is this all about?
It is December 28th, 20l2 -
Just one week after the welcomed / dreaded Winter Solstice
That we were told would change the world, mankind, life,
And anything else that has been our reality
Up to now.
This event has literally
Come and gone.

On a very deep level -
I have been preparing myself for this day
Event /Death / Re-birth -
For an extremely long time.
And now -
Just like that -
It has gone.

Gone where?
I ask this question
As I sip more tea,
And ponder my life and my place here.

I know in the deepest
Resides of my soul -
How this all works.
Life, Death, Rebirth -
My Lessons -
This school called 'Earth'.

But now what??
There seems to be this void -
'Black Hole'......
From whence I stir in
Mixed up with past memories  -
Of life.....
As I have known it.

In this moment -
On some level -
I am feeling deeply deceived
By the process
Of  'Becoming' -
And ashamed
For feeling this way.
Because I know -
Somewhere inside me
That this feeling also -
Is apart of the 'process'.

Where do I go from here?
This day - and the next?
A familiar 'ground hog day' scenerio.
I ponder once again -
Look out the window -
And sip more tea.
Maybe its time
For coffee......

In Reflective Heart,

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